Bikes for Essential Workers Hub

(Refugees please register for bikes via the form in the ‘REQUEST A BIKE’ section only thank you)

Supporting key workers in essential roles to keep mobile, safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does the Hub work? 

The hub introduces essential workers looking to access bikes with people in the community looking to loan (or donate) a bike. Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) does not directly receive, repair or distribute bikes through this service. Please read our Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

Who are Essential Workers? 

Essential or key workers are people whose jobs are vital to public health and safety during the coronavirus lockdown. Because their work is so vital, the Government is keen to ensure that they are able to carry out their jobs safely and with as little restriction as possible.
The bikes for essential workers hub aims to support those in health, social care, education and other key roles to access bikes and to keep mobile as bus and train timetables are gradually withdrawn and as key workers avoid public transport in an effort to stay safe and healthy.
Bicycle retailers, projects and repair shops are exempt from the shut-down as designated essential services – “Bicycle repair shops must remain open as long as possible, to ensure that transport for essential workers and last-mile deliveries is maintained (Bicycle Association)”


If you are an essential worker looking to access a bike to stay mobile during the COVID-19 crisis, please follow these five easy steps:

  • Search the listings via ‘Book Now’ below to find a bike near you.
  • Along with a photograph of the bike you will find information on- (general) location of the bike, the size and condition of the bike.
  • When you find a suitable bike click on the image and you will be asked to provide your name, profession and contact details.
  • Agree to our Terms of Use
  • You will receive an e.mail confirmation and will then be contacted directly by the bike lender where you can discuss and agree your terms and the handover of the bike if mutually agreeable.

Before agreeing on any transaction please read our important Safety Guidelines



If you are wanting to loan or donate a bike to an essential worker to support them to stay mobile during the COVID-19 crisis Thank You. Please follow these five easy steps:

  • Click on ‘Loan a Bike’ below- upload a clear image of your bike (no larger than 2mb), state the size of your bike, its condition and your location.
  • Agree to our Terms of Use
  • Upon completion you will receive an e.mail with confirmation of your bike registration.
  • When someone requests your bike you will receive an e.mail with the workers name, profession and their contact details.
  • When you receive the request for your bike you will then be free to contact the worker directly to arrange for the handover of your bike.

Before agreeing on any transaction please read our important Safety Guidelines

If for any reason you were not able to agree and complete the exchange (perhaps the bike was too far away or you were not able to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet up, or the bike required some repair that you were not able to undertake) – then just start the process above again.

Who We Are

Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) SCO47302.

We have been distributing bikes since 2016 and a SCIO since April 2017. We have refurbished and gifted over 1000 donated bikes for New Scots across Scotland.

Bikes support the social inclusion and integration of New Scots into Scottish life and sends out an important message of solidarity to people seeking safety and shelter. Bikes and the transformational power of cycling helps isolated families and children to connect with communities, essential services, and to forge new friendships.

Our volunteers repair and distribute bikes from Hubs in Edinburgh & Glasgow.

We have a long waiting list for bikes and it is not possible to just drop in to our workshop – please complete the website form to register for a bike and we will contact you when a bike becomes available.


“I would like to thank you from my deepest heart to bring happiness and joy for my kids, you are doing a great job by giving the refugees a chance to enjoy cycling in different beautiful places in Scotland you gave them a chance to explore with a bike, and they don’t worry about the cost of it and ready to use, again many thanks also from my kids”

“I am a refugee and I am studying English at the moment. Having a bike helped me a lot to go to the college and to different destination and at the same time it’s helped me to do exercise and to be healthy. Thank you for giving me a bike and thanks for the organisations who support this project.”

“Bikes for Refugees tries to make the world a brighter place by welcoming New Scots with a bike to explore the city and lots of new places in Scotland. Bikes provide free travel and make it easier to travel to places like college and volunteering, and for those that are alone and have lost their families they help to meet new people and make new friends. It’s fun and healthy and when we give people a bike we invite them to our cycling group where you can meet many people from many different countries with people from Scotland.”



Bikes For Refugees


Are you an asylum-seeker or been granted refugee status (New Scot) and looking for a bike?

Complete the registration form below thank you.

Please Support Us

Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) is a volunteer led community project. We can only do what we do with your help and support. Come and be part of our community. There are many ways in which you can support us.


At Bridge 8 Hub & Paddle Cafe




Tern GSD electric bike (cargo) with removable child seats.

Tern GSD electric bike (cargo) with removable child seats.

We have 4 of these funky electric Katu bikes all in different colours.

We have 4 of these funky electric Katu bikes all in different colours.

Hire Bikes

We have a wide ranging fleet of pedal & electric bikes including electric trail/mountain bikes, family bikes, kids & teen bikes, and even a new tandem. We also have a bespoke electric cargo bike for hire as well as other bike equipment such as a bike trailer with weatherproof baggage. Explore Edinburgh, the Union Canal and surrounding areas. Bridge 8 Hub & Paddle Cafe.

All bike hire profits are reinvested back into Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) helping to get bikes on the road for New Scots.

Aqua-Bikes @B8.

Aqua-Bikes @B8.

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Got a Question?

If donating or requesting a bike please don’t contact here- please complete relevent forms on the website

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