We provide free bikes to asylum-seekers and refugees – sometimes called New Scots.

We will also supply you with a free cycle helmet, bike lock and lights if we can.

How do I get a bike?

It could not be easier- all we need is some information and proof of ID.

We have many people wanting bikes and sometimes it can take a few months, but we will get a bike to you as soon as we can- please be patient!

Complete the form

Fill out the online form below to apply for a bike for you and/or family.
When we have a bike ready we will contact you to arrange a time to collect your bike/s.
Don’t forget to bring ID of your status as an asylum-seeker or refugee.

You must complete all the relevant parts below Thank You!

  • (where are you from)
  • (how well do you speak English)
  • You must bring your BRP/ARC card with you when you collect your bike/s.
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