All our bikes are donated – Thank You 💞

Where are you located? when you contact us please state where you live.

Donate a bike and help New Scots access essential health services, college/university, language classes, volunteer and work opportunities, and to meet new people and form new friendships.

We also welcome bike accessories – locks, lights, cycle racks, panniers, pumps, bike tools, cycle clothes & waterproofs, and (new) helmets are all welcome thank you!

*We sell the occasional high value bike to reinvest back into the project to pay for essential repairs and accessories, and to secure our long-term future.

If you would prefer that we did not sell your bike please do let us know.

All our bikes are given a clean bill of health in our workshops by our experienced and skilled bike mechanics. Check the condition of your bike. We have limited resources and volunteer time for major repairs. The better the condition the bike the better. If in doubt give us a shout (bikes that have lay outside and are rusted up are probably not for us thank you).

Contact us to find out when we are available and the best time to drop a bike

Where are you? we repair and distribute bikes from Edinburgh and Glasgow- when you contact us let us know where you are.

Also look out for details of our regular Edinburgh and Glasgow Bike Drops here and on our Facebook page.

Is your bike registered?
Transfer your registration to us before you donate it –

You can also donate via our PayPal link below.